The True Story
January 9, 2003
I would like to start by saying to Deputy Bananola's family and especially Brooke, I am terribly sorry this happened.  I have grieved and have been praying for all of you since this tragedy.  I hope someday you will know this was not an act of malice but a terrible accident.  I am truly truly sorry.  I would like to thank my family my friends, thank you sounds very hollow for as much love and support as you have shown me.  Thank you and I love you all.   I would like to thank Mr. Hester and Mr. Olbertz, I will forever gauge myself and any man I meet by you gentlemen.  Your integrity and strength of character is something I've always respected and admired.  I've grown to love you both and I will forever be in your debt.  Lastly, from the beginning I've said I didn't do the things I've been accused of.  I have told the truth but I have been labeled everything from a drug lord to Cain and every despicable thing in between.  I have maintained my innocence and have taken a polygraph test to prove it, I passed every question.  But the truth has never mattered nor has it ever been pursued.  To everyone who has lied, or who has known the truth and helped perpetuate this lie, you have shamed every honest law enforcement officer and all members of the court by your actions.  I have never received a fair trial in Pierce county.  I pray someday the truth will be told.  
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